Saturday, February 6, 2016

Calabogie 2015

Calabogie 2015

Calabogie 2015

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.....

For our 3rd race, everything that could've went wrong did. We had engine issues. suspension issues, radio trouble, bad rainy weather, and the list goes on. 

To start, a flat tire erupted during MoneyFoot's stint in the driver seat of the rig. A trip to WalMart fixed our problem eventually but cost us a lot of time.

Check-in was full of empty promises to the staff and afterwards, we unpacked a whole bunch of gear including the thinkin' bike and Bobby Muscle.

The race actually started with no issues and things were humming along.

Then, with 45 minutes left on Saturday, MoneyFoot was tearing up the track when he got light in turn one, over corrected and put it into the wall at 80 mph. Although his money foot could only press harder onto the accelerator, it probably would've been better if he had tried to gingerly move the brake to drag down in speed. You can't tell that to the Foot of Money or El Pies Dinero for you Hispanic followers.

With all hope lost, our team member Jefferton von Positive pushed us to our limits. The Talent was challenged with pulling the passenger front corner out enough so we could run on Sunday. Using a tree, Dodge Ram 3500, Bobby Muscles' muscles, and several swear words, the car lived on and Sunday made for another completed race under the massive, testosterone fused belt of Jake Rensen. 

We impressed the natives so much, they gave us a standing ovation and award for our determination. Those Canadians are just so darn nice.

Jake Rensen lives to fight another day....

Fix the MoneyFoot Speed Dents

Today we embarked on the crapcan voyage of repairing our car after wrecking at Calabogie. Luckily, our crack mechanic came through and laid down welds that looked like wooly caterpillars. He may not be a pro but "it'll hold" in a wall. 

Pics of the race to come.....