Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jake Rensen Racing: The Birth of a Legend

 It's been said many times by men much wiser than me, that February is the coldest and cruelest of all months. This is especially true in Ohio - particularly if there is alcohol involved. Yet, as legend would have it, it was on such a cold and cruel and sinisterly overcast  February afternoon back in 2012 that three men sat huddled around a dimly lit dinning room table near Columbus, Ohio, staring into a nearly empty bottle of some of  Kentucky's finest bourbon (Buffalo Trace perhaps? - no one knows for sure), eyes slightly glazed and lips slightly curled, when the concept of Jake Rensen Racing first crystallized.

No one remembers for certain who first uttered the challenge, but instantly they knew the notion was undeniable. There was but one thing to do - finish the bottle and go racing: there was much work to be done. The quest to climb the unconquered Chump Car Mountain was underway, and there would be no turning back.

Thus, Jake Rensen Racing was born. The Team (mostly pictured here, from left to right,  in one of the photos): Andrew Jensen, Blake Kinsley, Jeff Repper, Kurt McGurt (OK, I made up Kurt's last name 'cause I don't know his real one), and the mysterious Double Cheese (not pictured here, but prominently recognized in the team's logo - which is not pictured here either), and no doubt several players to be named later. And, by the way, I know that's more than three men, but it has also been ordained that the number shall be three, and three shall be the number.

This is mere prologue, the first Chapter will be written at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, Michigan, the weekend of June 8-9, 2013.

And so the legend begins.....


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