Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Cheesiest Cheese

Double "Dubba" Cheese
Happy Birthday to our fearless crew chief! No one knows when he was born, where, or why - But we do know he is one year older today than he was a year ago.

No one can say for sure if its his intoxicating smile, hypnotic gaze, or disproportionately bushy eye-brows, but this man was meant for success from the word "go." Not a wrench turned, a stitch sewn, nor a hammer hewn on Team Jake Rensen without the "Spirit of the Cheese." He single-handedly breathed life into a 1991 Honda Prelude and we are all better for it.

If you look at his picture above long enough, with an open window nearby, you will eventually hear hear his swan-song carried softly to your ear on the gently rolling breeze. In a whisper so low as if from the lips of babes - "cheeeeeeese."


  1. Whatever it is that you are drinking, smoking, eating, or breathing in (be it intentional or unintentional), please advise as to what it is as we are quite interested in experiencing it ourselves.

    Thank you, and in the mean time- Happy Birthday Dub-cheese. Your inspiration is creating a legacy.