Sunday, May 25, 2014


Today a key turned

For months it sat quiet. Cold. Unmoving. Whispers of doubt began to circulate through racing circles across the country. Would they ever race again? Were they foolish enough to rebuild? Would the Godzilla Elves ever again find the motivation? Is Jake Rensen even real?

Today a key turned and an engine fired.

Parts forged together by the iron will of the world’s greatest race car team chief engineer. The heart of Ox. The brain of a serial killer. The muscle of a generation of post war Japanese engineers looking for a new outlet for their never-ending wealth of scientific output. Parts never intended for common use, now joined together for a purpose never imagined.

Today a key turned, an engine fired, and the voice of Jake Rensen, echoing off the vinyl siding of a once peaceful Ohio community, returned. Full of force and fury, overwhelming those who have doubted his will, his want, his very existence. His voice full of anger, anguish, and boundless power with a simple message:

I am Jake Rensen and I am coming for you.

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